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2019 Custom Software Development Trends that are taking the Market by Storm

Custom software development was in high demand by businesses. The industry has evolved immensely over the past few years. The need for software developers has also speed up these days because of the emergence of new technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and digital transformation across every industry.

This year, reap your success in the digital age by following these 5 custom software development trends-

  1. The Growth of Open-Source Technology

Open source technology remains to be the secret behind all those successful business organizations who, without any doubt, incorporate both the culture & code of open source. Open source remains to be the king! The world’s leading technology companies like Google and Facebook utilize open source software to run their most mission-critical systems. Similarly, if your business has to continue technology requirements then this trend in custom software development services has to be on top priority.

  1. Emergence of Blockchain

Day-by-day the Blockchain is becoming a hot technology trend owing to the popularity of Bitcoin. It is an essential peer-to-peer network of various interconnected computers for the purpose of storing data so that information can’t even be stolen by anyone. Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM have developed BaaS (Blockchain as a service) platform that is already available to their cloud customers.

This trending software innovation enables the authentication of various large-scale transactions in seconds, you can expect businesses to cut costs by applying it to the entire supply chain while streamlining processes.

  1. AI-ready Software

AI becomes a crucial component of almost every digital platform that people use today. From e-commerce stores to movie streaming companies are rolling out machine learning capability to help software learn more about users and automatically provide the best user experiences.  Artificial Intelligence is going to play a big role in the future when it comes to customers interaction. Hence, custom software development agency developers need to focus on creating meaningful front-ends that can resonate AI actions, scalable back end engineering that can easily supplement complex AI algorithms and powerful databases that need to be handled by AI systems to create meaningful experiences.

  1. Progressive Web Apps

PWA’s will be the greatest trend in the year 2019. Software developers of Google & Microsoft have included progressive web apps feature whenever they design mobile-oriented versions of their own browsers. However, Progressive Web Apps are giving users the most up-to-date user experience seamlessly across devices.

  1. Cyber Security

Over the past few years, there have been a number of major data breaches. Last year, Facebook was involved in a major scandal after the revelation that one data-collecting firm Cambridge Analytica illegally obtain Facebook users information without their permission. Although there are various data breaches and hacks as well. That’s why this year businesses will continue to focus on Cyber Security issues. They will likely to turn to developers to either add additional security layers on the custom-software they use or develop standalone solutions.

Businesses can take advantage of evolving technologies to enhance their customer experience as well to improve their business. If you’re interested in custom software developers or need a technology partner try out Hypact services.
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