Choosing the Precise Technology for Your Mobile App

The need for an Android and iOS app for business comes particularly when business owners are going to put their business on the online mobile platform. Once you’ve identified the purpose of developing a mobile app for your brand, you need to focus on your mobile application strategy and make the best choices in technology.

Your question is, should it be a native app or hybrid app or a web app? What’s the major difference between these three choices, exactly?

Native Apps

As the name depicts its meaning, the Native apps are standalone software installed directly onto a smartphone or tablet from ‘’app store’’.  It is specially designed for a particular platform either on Ios platform developed by Apple or Android platform developed by Google or windows or blackberry operating system. Native Applications create the best user experience as it projects the user-friendliness and easy accessibility.

Hybrid Apps

Basically, Hybrid app development are the combination of native plus web apps, it is also known as cross-platform mobile apps. This type of applications can be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store and can be accessed on any platform as like the Native app. Moreover, hybrid apps are built with Trigger.I0, Cordova, Ionic Framework or Telerik Platform. This will use all features from your device.

Web Apps

As millions of businesses are leveraging the power of the Internet as a cost-effective communication channel. A web app is a computer program that uses several browsers and web technology to perform tasks over the Internet. They are developed using web standards like HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 which means one version will work upon multiple platforms including iPhone, iPad, Android mobiles, tablets, Windows mobile etc.

After discussing all three app technologies, I think Native app technology is good for organizations but make sure you have to choose the suitable app technology that fits your needs. However, native mobile apps are costly because to build different codes for all platform somewhat time-consuming. Being a business owner if you want to distribute app via Google play store or Apple store then native & hybrid technologies are the best choice. If you want to target all type of user’s platform then hybrid and web app technology will work for you. Although, some wants to build all three type of mobile apps for their products and services so it all depends on your business needs.

Whatever technology you need for mobile app strategy, Hypact is top amongst other app development companies, we provide you efficient solution module according to your prerequisite. Our developers and designers use the most recent development technology that completely fits your business needs.